The new, expanded Bleu Squid, Breakfast and Bakery Cafe is Coming Very Soon

Serving a full breakfast menu along with our award winning cupcakes and grilled cheese menu. Look for us in our new location, near the cinema with more convenient parking.

Our selection of cupcakes and desserts can't be beat. Whether you need one cupcake for a pick-me-up, or you want to special order dozens for a bridal shower, or layers of flavor combinations for your wedding guests- our cupcake creations are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste.

You might ask... "so...what is with that name?"

Years ago when owner Connie Carocari opened, she wanted to give a nod to the deep nautical roots that make up the fabric of picturesque Mystic CT. So that is where the "Squid" comes from.

Of course, you probably already figured out that the "Bleu" is a nod to the cheeses that have made Bleu Squid Bakery, Cheese and take-out grilled cheese café a local favorite.  In fact, lots of folks just walk in to find out about the name, and leave feeling like they have really experienced something unique after they have taken in the charm, and wonderful tastes, that are Bleu Squid!

So if you are entertaining, shopping for a gift, or just plain hungry- come experience The Bleu Squid!